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San Jose Prius Hybrid / High Voltage Battery Replacement

Sturken Auto Repair in San Jose is the premier hybrid battery replacement specialist. The high voltage hybrid battery is a very reliable part of your Toyota Prius, Honda Hybrid or Lexus Hybrid. Industry experience suggests that it should easily last over 150,000 miles. Still, given the long lifespan of a typical Prius (many a Prius will live well past 200,000 miles), there may come a time when the high voltage battery replacement becomes a necessity.

At Sturken Auto Repair we can offer options ranging from Original Equipment high voltage replacement batteries, to aftermarket hybrid replacement batteries. When your Prius hybrid battery starts showing signs of aging, you can bring it to Sturken Auto, and our specialists will diagnose the problems, and offer solutions. It may turn out that your vehicle indeed requires Prius engine battery replacement – at that time, we will advise you of the options, cost, and time necessary to perform the hybrid battery replacement.

High voltage battery replacement is no longer a novelty, but before we undertake such task, we will inspect your Prius to make sure that the car is in good enough shape to warrant the expenditure of time and money.

We have had many clients come in after visiting a Toyota dealer or other mechanic, who told them they needed a new hybrid battery, only to find out that they did not and only needed terminal servicing or some other work. Don’t buy a hybrid battery unless it has been proven to you that you really need one. (Generally around 200K miles)

When it comes to Prius high voltage battery replacement, there are two options we recommend. First one is the original equipment battery we purchased from Toyota. This is the best option in terms of quality and expectations for trouble-free service. A less expensive, but also a bit less reliable alternative is to use an aftermarket high voltage battery. There are several remanufacturing companies but all are not equal in terms of quality or warranty. We offer varying warranties with any of these solutions. Do note that the aftermarket batteries do have longer warranties and cost substantially less than new batteries from Toyota.

There is a third option, which we do not offer, and do not recommend. There are a number of shops that offer to replace individual cells in your existing hybrid battery, as typically there will be a fair number of cells that still check out ok, so they only replace the ones that failed. This is a relatively inexpensive option. Unfortunately, industry experience has been that the other battery cells that were not replaced will have a very high likelihood of failure. This would mean that the entire hybrid battery would have to be removed and tested again or replaced as a complete unit. Therefore negating any cost savings. There is no way for us to offer a warranty on such a battery.

The final solution is a used hybrid battery pack. If we are lucky enough to find an available pack it could work. However, there are no guarantees as the battery has to be in excellent shape before it was removed. It needs to be stored for no more than 3 months. And it would still need to have each individual cell tested to confirm it is in fact a viable “good” battery. By the time this is all done the price savings between a remanufactured high voltage battery and a used battery would be close to equal. The wrecking yards know the value of the used battery pack and set their pricing accordingly.

When you do bring your Toyota Prius, Toyota Highlander, Lexus Hybrid or Honda Civic or Honda Accord Hybrid in for hybrid battery replacement, you can expect:

  • Testing and confirmation that you really do need a Hybrid battery replacement
  • A clear explanation of your options, including comparison between Original Equipment and aftermarket hybrid batteries
  • Trained technicians that know and understand Hybrid vehicles

At Sturken Auto Repair we are dedicated to keeping your Prius on the road and providing you with reliable transportation. If you have concerns about your hybrid battery, or it’s time to talk about high voltage battery replacement, give us a call – we are here to help. You can also schedule an appointment online.