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San Jose Prolong Battery Reconditioning Service

Sturken San Jose Hybrid Services is able to save you a lot of money by reconditioning your hybrid car battery. That’s right. Instead of an expensive $4000-$5000 factory new high voltage battery pack, we can recondition your existing battery at a fraction of the cost and offer a good warranty on the service.

You see, Toyota dealers are not allowed to do anything to your Toyota hybrid battery except replace it with a complete new assembly. Now, while that is absolutely the best option, it is also the most expensive. Our experience with our customers has proven that most people don’t want to spend that type of money on an eight to ten year old car. We can’t blame them. That’s a lot of money!

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We have done a lot of research and have come up with a good alternative that may keep your older hybrid battery on the road for many more years.

The solution is an environmentally friendly and sound reconditioning process that saves you thousands of dollars and keeps one more big battery out of the waste stream.

Sturken’s can help to save you money on your car’s battery in several ways:

First, if your battery is still working well but it is several years old, or your fuel mileage has dropped or if you battery is not fully charging any more, we can help.

We can increase the battery’s charge closer to the original capacity and incrementally increase your hybrid battery’s life for many years if it’s properly maintained.

If you don’t have any warning or check engine lights on that are hybrid related, then you probably can do what we call “Preventative High Voltage Battery Maintenance”. The ability to do preventative maintenance on your hybrid battery is the same type of thing that you do for the rest of your car’s systems – service them before things break, therefore saving thousands in potential replacement cost.

Sturken uses the Prolong Hybrid Battery Maintenance System for maintenance and upkeep of the hybrid battery.  We install a vehicle specific charging harness to your car. Then, depending on your vehicle’s condition, we perform a plug-and-play battery balance and reconditioning charge. To be clear this is not a “one time service”, but something that should be done at least twice a year depending on your car’s mileage and use. The good news is, it doesn't’t cost you any more after the initial service providing you return to Sturken’s at least twice a year for your vehicle’s conventional or regular maintenance.  If Sturken’s does your regular maintenance work, the battery service is done at no cost.  If you do not return for maintenance, there will be a cost of $175.00 per re-charge/balance service.  This service must be done at a minimum of six month intervals and it has a two year warranty*!

When Prolong Battery Systems are used as preventative maintenance, we can easily extend the life of your hybrid battery pack.

On cars with hybrid service lamps on, we can save you money by replacing just the bad battery modules and reconditioning the rest. Experience proves that this works over 90% of the time.  Why spend thousands on a complete new or remanufactured battery pack if you don’t have to?

                                                       Schedule an appointment now to save thousands on your HV battery!


We are so confident in our Prolong process that we guarantee it for two years! That’s right, if any of the modules fail after our reconditioning process we will repair or replace them for free for up to two years after the initial service.*

Toyota only guarantees their new high voltage battery packs for 1 year and they charge up to 2 times as much as our reconditioning services.


*Continued reconditioning is required at least every six months. For non-commercial use only. Certain restrictions apply.

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