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Burning Man RV Service

Are you a Burning Man Burner? Or do you want to get the Black Rock City experience that you've heard so much about? If so, you will more than likely be going to Burning Man in an RV. Get ready for the Burn Early!

The trip to Black Rock City is a tough one. It's not so far away from San Jose but because of the sheer number of people attending this festival, it can take up to 12 hours to actually get into your Burning Man space.

The Burning Man environment is a tough one to say the least! You are in the heat and dust for up to two weeks. Don't leave your trip to fate and luck. Get your RV checked and inspected early by Sturken's RV Repair.

If your RV breaks on the way up or while at Burning Man, your good times can be seriously compromised.

Every year we get last minute phone calls to do emergency fixes or repairs on RVs that have been in storage all summer. They are in need of major service before the trip to Black Rock City. These folks are panicking that they may not get to go and are stressed out. There is a way around this…

                                                           Call Sturken's RV for a pre-Burning Man Inspection or set an appointment online

The stress on an RV during the Burning Man quest is enormous. First, the drive up the mountain is long and tough on the engine and drive train. Many an RV has burned up their motor and transmission on the way up. And perhaps the RV radiator, cooling system and brakes on the way back. These systems need to be inspected and serviced in advance of your trip. The party at Black Rock will happen with or without you and your friends. It won't be much fun for you if you never get there because your RV died on the way there. Be proactive and set an online appointment now!

The next item to check on your RV is the tires. Virtually all RV tires age out before the tread wears out. This means that the rubber that the tire is made of breaks down and the tires begin to split or separate. Add in the summer heat and the heavy loads that an RV is carrying and you have the perfect setting for a tire blow-out. Blown tires cause lots of damage to an RV and can have the potential to for serious injury to the RV occupants!

Don't leave you Burning Man trip to chance! Get your RV inspected early and avoid the rush!

We do Pre-purchase inspections too! Don't buy a used RV without getting it seen by a professional!

Pre-purchase RV inspections are worth their cost! Please Call before you buy. It will be the best RV decision you'll ever make!

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