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26- When do I need to change my windshield wipers?

Your windshield wipers need to be replaced when they don’t properly clean your windshield. That may be in 6 months or several years. The time may vary because of several factors, but the two primary factors are how you store your vehicle and how much you use the wipers. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, your wipers see far more use than drier climates causing the rubber blades to wear faster. Storing your vehicle in a garage or shaded area means the sun’s radiation won’t have as much of an effect on the rubber blades and they may last longer. Wiper use and the sun’s effect on rubber plays a large part in wiper life; but there are numerous other factors that can come into play as well such as: How good is the wiper to begin with? Is it a low-end rubber or a higher end blade? Did you know there is a difference? Was the blade properly installed so it lays properly against the windshield? Do you use your windshield washers to clean yo ... read more

25- Why Should You Cover Your RV Tires?

Let’s face it; the tires on your RV sit more than they roll. Most of us can’t use our RV’s as much as we would like. We either can’t make the coordinated family effort, can’t afford it, or both. So, as a natural consequence, our beloved recreational vehicle tends to sit and in most cases, sit in the sun without any sunscreen. What happens when things sit in the sun for long periods of time? They dry and crack, split, and generally age faster; just like the skin on our bodies if not protected. The simple answer is to cover the tires to help slow down the aging process. Sun is an RV’s number one enemy; the less sun our tires see, the better off they are. RV tires almost never wear out the treads; they wear out from time. If you are diligent in covering your tires and you begin with a quality tire to start with, then you might get five to seven years out of them. It is possible to perhaps get even more time out of a tire, but it is rare. And if you think about it, it ... read more



24- Why are my trailer batteries always dead?

RV batteries go dead for a few reasons. The first reason is age; RV batteries are designed for deep cycles of use which means they get charged and then discharged often times, severely. This type of use is what they are designed for. A couple of issues come up with this pattern of use; the first issue is that many RV batteries never get fully charged. Most every device in an RV, less maybe the microwave and air conditioner, require 12 volts to operate. After a couple of days use doing what is called “dry camping” (no power hook ups), the average RV battery will be pretty depleted and have less than 12 volts. Once the voltage drops, things don’t work well and if the voltage drops too much, nothing will work but perhaps dim lighting. RV’s are built with electric devices called inverter/chargers. These units are designed to convert 110 volts (shore power) to 12 volts. When plugged in, the same unit charges the battery. All works well when plugged in, but when unplugged, is wh ... read more

23- Sturken Automotive Offers Nationwide Warranty and Tow Assistance

Sturken Automotive is part of the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper National Confidence Plus Network. What that means to you is confidence plus! Sturken’s warrants our work locally but if you breakdown out of the area as a result of something we did, we proudly offer tow truck support. If you are within 25 miles of our facility, you will be towed back to Sturken’s at no charge. If you are more than 25 miles away from our facility, you will be directed to the nearest confidence plus network facility. We will work with the local Certified Plus Bumper to Bumper shop in that area to get you back on the road as soon as possible. This service includes: battery jump-starts, lockout assistance, and flat tire assistance. Just another reason to continue to use Sturken’s; we’ve been taking care of business for over 50 years giving our customers confidence about our work. *Limitations apply. Max ... read more

22- How Often Should I Change My Fan Belt?

If you drive a modern car, chances are that you might not even have a fan belt on your car. Over the years, as automakers have tried to make engines more fuel efficient, the belt-driven cooling fan has fallen out of favor. A fan driven by the engine is a terrible waste of power and fuel economy. Electric fans have become the norm; they do not drag on the motor and consequently the motor runs more efficiently. Now this is not to say that your engine has lost all of its drive belts, they just aren’t called fan belts anymore. Today’s cars usually have one or two belts that snake around every engine driven contrivance. This makes for some strange curves and contraption’s to make it work. But for all intents and purposes there are less belts and better wear on the belt(s) that are left. The downside is that there is only one primary belt; if that belt breaks your car is dead, as you will lose the power steering, alternator, and water pump use. In the old days, one might hav ... read more

21-Sturken Auto Cares

One of the things that I have always stressed to my employees is empathy. Not because it is nice and the right thing to do, but because caring is the basis behind what we do at Sturken Auto. Also important is how we show our clients that we care. Genuine concern for our clients, their car, their money and their needs is the standard at Sturken Auto. I think most people sense that about our company; I believe that our caring is what sets us apart from many shops. The stories I hear from our clients on a regular basis make me stop and wonder how some shops stay in business. No one is perfect, but making things right for the client must be the end goal and is what we do at Sturken’s. Whether the shop has made a mistake, delayed repairs or some other problem has arisen, the goal must always be the same; what is best for this client right now? How do we at Sturken Auto know the answer to that question? We explain the situation, offer suggestions and ask the client w ... read more

19 – The Forgotten Fluid

There is a hard working fluid in almost every car that gets little to no attention. The forgotten fluid is power steering fluid. For some reason the manufacturers never recommend changing it; maybe its because the system is closed and the components are few. But nothing lasts forever. Virtually all modern cars have power steering, and, almost all modern cars have automatic transmissions. In most cases, they use the same hydraulic fluids; yet according to the owner’s manual the transmission may have several fluid changes throughout its life. With the power steering fluid, zero changes are recommended. Maybe there is some logical reason we don’t know about; but I seriously doubt it. Lets be honest, the power steering hoses, pump, and steering units in almost any car is going to last 100,000 miles; long enough to put it past any warranty. Meaning the manufacturer will never have to deal with fa ... read more

18 – Sturken Auto Is Fair Auto Repair

Unfortunately the auto industry suffers from a long history of mistrust. Even though the over whelming majority of repair shops are run by folks that try to do their best, the handful of operators that don’t abide by good business practices put a black eye on the rest of us. The sentiment of the consumer can be affected for dozens of reasons. But, the majority of complaints are from cars that are not fixed right the first time and misunderstandings about cost. No shop is perfect but how a shop handles its issues, often makes or breaks a client’s comfort level with a repair shop. At Sturken’s we ask a lot of questions so we can gather as much information as we can about your vehicle and its needs. Sturken learned a long time ago the expectations are everything. We do everything that we can to meet your expectations. This means repairing your car, truck or RV properly the first time, on time and within your budget. What happens if we don’t deliver as promised? First we o ... read more

17 – What is that odor from my A/C Vents?

The musty/mildew type of smell that comes from your vents when you first turn on the car air conditioner, is exactly what it smells like: musty, moldy – mildew. You ask, “how does this happen? I take good care of my car and keep it clean” The biological activity is not from what you see but from what you don’t see. The odor is a result of moisture from your car’s evaporator cooling unit. The collection of dust, pollen and spores condensing together in a warm moist dark environment is the perfect habitat for this smelly condition. So now you know how it got there. What to do to get rid of it? There are several things that can be done to remove the foul A/C smell. If your car has a cabin air filter make sure it is changed at least once a year. This helps to block dust, pollen and spores from getting to your evaporator in the first place. In dusty, humid or heavy pollen areas use recirculated air. Again, to minimize the bad stuff. Under normal conditions (dr ... read more

16 – Why should I change my brake fluid?

Because not changing the brake fluid can cost a lot of money and perhaps cause an accident. How so, you ask. Well, you need to understand the basics of your brake system to put this together in your mind. The brakes in your car are hydraulic. This means the brake fluid (which is not compressible) is forced mechanically (by the action of your foot on the pedal) to compress the brake calipers, which squeezes the brake pads against the brake rotors. By squeezing the rotors, the wheels which are attached, slow down. A tremendous amount of hydraulic force is required to stop a car. In turn this force causes a tremendous amount of friction between the brake pads and the rotors. The by-product of friction is heat…a lot of heat. All fluids have a boiling point and brake fluid is no different. But, if brake fluid boils it changes into a vapor (air) and since air is compressible, this means your brake pedal may get soft and spongy and your car won’t stop very well. In extreme cases ... read more

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