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Monthly Archives: September 2012

28- How often should I have the A/C charged in my car?

The short answer is: when the vent air goes from feeling cold to feeling cool. Often times in moderate climates, such as we have in the Bay Area, one can go for several months without using the air conditioning in the car. Meaning, if there is a problem at the end of summer or fall, we may not notice it until the first warm day of spring, when we turn it on for the first time of the year and not too much happens. The air conditioning system in a car is a closed loop system filled with Freon. The Freon is pumped throughout the car’s a/c system of various pipes, hoses, condensers, and various other devices at high pressures. Over time some of the seals and hoses may develop small leaks. If enough Freon leaks out, the system will not be as efficient at cooling or it may stop working altogether. Unless you develop a large leak or blow a hose out altogether, the first notice you will get is the feeling that it’s just not as cold as it used to be. Now this can happen for a s ... read more

27- Hats Off To Valvoline

Recently, Valvoline Oil Company came out with a blend of partially remanufactured motor oil. They have been promoting it and have even used it in one of their NASCARS; and, sure enough, they’ve even won a race or two while using it. So what is remanufactured motor oil and what’s the big deal? Remanufactured oil is used motor oil that has been essentially re-refined and is every bit as good as virgin motor oil. Valvoline is the first major oil company to successfully market a re-refined oil product. Even though the product named Nexgen, is a partial blend of virgin oil and remanufactured oil, it has been proven that we don’t need to rely on our ever decreasing petroleum supplies to get a highly regarded first rate motor oil. If every motor oil producer could make a similar product, the world could save millions of gallons of crude oil per year. Sturken Automotive is proud to say that we hav ... read more

26- When do I need to change my windshield wipers?

Your windshield wipers need to be replaced when they don’t properly clean your windshield. That may be in 6 months or several years. The time may vary because of several factors, but the two primary factors are how you store your vehicle and how much you use the wipers. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, your wipers see far more use than drier climates causing the rubber blades to wear faster. Storing your vehicle in a garage or shaded area means the sun’s radiation won’t have as much of an effect on the rubber blades and they may last longer. Wiper use and the sun’s effect on rubber plays a large part in wiper life; but there are numerous other factors that can come into play as well such as: How good is the wiper to begin with? Is it a low-end rubber or a higher end blade? Did you know there is a difference? Was the blade properly installed so it lays properly against the windshield? Do you use your windshield washers to clean yo ... read more

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