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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Oil Change – Your Car’s Best Friend

It used to be that everybody knew to change their motor oil every 3000 miles. Then because of better technology and engine building techniques, manufacturers started recommending longer oil change intervals. The advent of new synthetic oils, which tend to stayslippery longer cause many car owners to go even longer between oil changes. Well, if you want your car to last forever– frequent oil changes are the key. At Sturken Auto Repair we recommend that even if you use synthetic motor oil you should change your oil every 10,000 miles at most. With conventional motor oil, changing motor oil every 5000 miles is a good idea. The reason we recommend more frequent oil changes has to do with the multiple functions that motor oil serves in your car: Lubrication – primary function of motor oil is to lubricate your engine. Oil lubricates the moving engine parts to minimize friction and helps to keep engine cooler. Garbage collection – as oil circulates through your e ... read more



Toyota Discontinues Scion – We Still Support It!

At Sturken Auto Body, Auto and RV Repair, we are big fans of Toyota Scion. This car is fuel efficient, economical to operate, and if properly maintained, will go on forever (almost). To our great sadness, Toyota announced just a few days ago that it would no longer produce Scions. Car industry analysts suspect that lower gasoline prices had adverse impact on Scion sales, since it was designed with fuel efficiency in mind. The good news is that at Sturken Auto Repair we will fully support your Scion. Whether you need body work, maintenance, or major repairs, we will continue to service your Scion. We do not foresee any shortages of spare parts, as Scion is Toyota, so the parts will be available. Our experienced mechanics can take good care of your vehicle. So keep driving your Scion knowing that if the need arises – we are here ready to help


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