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Yearly Archives: 2011

10 – What Makes Sturken Auto & RV Different From A New Car Dealer?

VALUE! We offer a far more personal experience. Our goal is NOT to make the cash register ring and rake up as much profit as possible. Our goal is to repair your vehicle properly using parts appropriate for the job necessary. And, to do so in a respectful manner while educating you as to the “why” we need to do “that” There are often many options when repairing your car. We try to give you a choice when there is one so you can make an informed decision as to what might work for you at any given time. No scare tactics here; just the facts and observations. We encourage you to do your homework. See what others say about Sturken’s. The reviews are out there. We have been repairing cars for over 50 years and chances are if you ask a few folks about us they will have heard of us. If you have a accident the team members at Sturken’s will do everything they can to make the best of a bad situation. If you need repair or maintenance on your car, truck or RV ... read more

9 – Update: NHTSA’s August RV-Related Recall List

Print September 22, 2011 by RV Business Leave a Comment The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued the latest recalls related to the RV industry: Cummins is recalling certain ISB6.7, ISC8.3, ISL9, ISX11.9, and ISX15 engines shipped from September 2010 through December 2010 to various vehicle manufacturers. These engines were installed in recreational vehicles, emergency vehicles, buses, and certain truck applications. The V-band clamp assembly, part numbers Q187684, Q187685, AND Q187686, used to connect the inlet and outlet cone sections to the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)/Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) include a T-bolt which can fracture and fail when subjected to stress or load. A fracture or failure of the T-bolt may cause the clamp to loosen and the inlet or outlet sections attached to the DOC/DPF housing to disconnect. Cummins is working with the vehicle manufacturers to identify and notify owners. The safety recall is expected to begi ... read more

8 – Improving the ride on your R4R or RR4R Roadmaster RV Chassis

If you are looking to improve the ride on your Class A – Roadmaster motor home, look no further then Source Engineering. Source Engineering has designed several suspension upgrades that not only enhance the comfort of your ride but they also give you tremendous peace of mind. When a complete suspension upgrade is installed one the first things you notice is less stress behind the wheel. It almost doesn’t matter which proprietary components you purchase for your coach, the result is always an improved ride. If your Class A motor home does not give you a Class A ride, go to www.rvchassis.com (Source Engineering website) to see if it can be improved. As a dealer and installer of the outstanding Source Engineering products we can vouch for a few things. The parts are well engineered for their intended purpose, well made and they work! Our clients are always pleased with their “new coach” ride and improved handl ... read more

7 – What is Paint Blending?

Paint blending is a special process that involves spraying new paint in a gradual pattern so that at the human eye cannot detect color variance or a start and stop point. That sounds pretty straight forward but in the real world, it really is a work of art. There are literally dozens and dozens of factors that can ultimately affect the colors we see when looking at partially repainting an automobile. Did you k now that there is no such thing as factory paint? That’s right, car factories don’t make paint, they buy it. And a car factory in Kentucky does not use the same paint as a car factory in Detroit even though they are building the same car and painting it the same color. Often times there are 4-6 variables for the same color! This is just the start of the difficulties. Then add in wear and tear and fading and you can imagine what a modem automotive paint technician is up against. Suffice it to say that a good paint tech is an artist and illusionist. At the end ... read more

6 – How often should I wax my car and is there an easy way to do it?

Waxing your car should be done at least twice a year. If you are using a pure wax (versus an abrasive cleaner/wax) you can wax your car as often as you would like. The easiest way to wax your car is to do it in sections. Always wash, rinse, and wax your car when the surface is cool. When waxing work in sections perhaps a quarter of the car at a time. Focus on the top surfaces since they get the most sun damage and never get a break from ultra violet radiation. With all of the U.V’s it is easy to understand why these surfaces become dull, chalky, and flaky before the rest of the finish. So why do you say work in sections? Well this is for several reasons, first and foremost if you look at the task of waxing as several small jobs instead of one big job you are more likely to get it done. You don’t have to wax your entire car in one stop. Wax one section at a time until you slowly make your way around your vehicle. If you do this each time you wash your car and on a regular b ... read more



5 – Do I need to buy name brand gas?

Technically no. But, your engine and it’s components might be happier if you did. Quality fuel has better refinement than lesser refined fuel. Like wine, if you start off with better grapes you’ll end up with better wine. A higher grade of crude oil that has better refinement will end up as a better grade of fuel. (Regardless of octane ratings). Refiners have a choice when producing fuel. Lower quality fuels have less refinement. Less refinement means undesirable compounds for your engine and fuel system. Things like olefins and di-olefins any numbers of undesirable compounds are left in gasolines that are less refined. Your engine has to be able to rid itself of these or long term problems can arise. Poor quality fuels can raise your vehicles emissions, lower fuel mileage cause stumbling, rough idle, clogs and deposits in places that wouldn’t have them. In short long term use of cheap fuel, will probably cause long term and costly repairs down the line. So what sh ... read more


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4 – Treat your car like a plane and make it last

What is the difference between an aircraft that doesn’t get preventative maintenance and a car that doesn’t? The car’s drivers can pull over if their car quits and call a tow truck. The plane’s pilot is going to die. Think that you might handle maintenance differently if your car was a plane? You bet you would as death is not a good option. Federal law requires aircraft maintenance every 100 hours or so. If you don’t get your aircraft signed off by a certified mechanic the plane is “grounded” and you can’t use it. If it were the same for automotive care, our experience is that 80% of the cars on the road would be “grounded”. That is a huge percentage! That means 8 in 10 of the cars on the road wouldn’t be on the road for lack of maintenance. Twenty percent of the cars we see daily are in excellent mechanical condition and virtually all of those are less than 2 years old. Take them out of the equation and almost 100% of our inspected vehicles need some type of ... read more



3 – What does “AAA approved” mean to me?

It means our shop passed a rigorous set of standards. We are carefully reviewed by AAA each quarter to make sure that we are meeting AAA’s tough standards. It means that our clients are consistently happy with the way that they are treated and the repairs that we perform, and we have the tools and the qualifications to do well on all counts. We are reliable and fair. If there are ever complaints that can’t be resolved between us and our clients, then we agree to be bound by AAA’s resolution to make things right for our mutual customer. We guarantee our repairs for 24 month or 24,000 miles too. The bottom line, we work to a higher standard because we choose to. If you are an AAA member make sure to let us know. Show your AAA card and receive a labor discount up to $100.00 – (restrictions apply) Sturken Automotive and RV, San Jose, CA

2 – How To Stay Out Of A Body Shop

2 – How To Stay Out Of A Body Shop

The number one rule (you guessed it): SLOWDOWN. No matter what the circumstances, heavy traffic, wet or icy roads, inattentive drivers, a blow-out, you name it, if you are driving slower you have more time to react and avoid bad things. Be aware. My years of auto racing really highlighted this one. You should always know what going on around you and try to have an out. That means being proactive and not reactive. If a guy is tailgating you, move over. Let the maniac hit the next guy, not you. Don’t drive on the right side of anyone (real blind spot) for very long. Most folks drift to the right! And, in many of the newer cars it is real hard to see over your shoulder anyway. Focus on the road. Sounds simple enough but with today’s lifestyles and technology, it is easier said than done. Cell phones, I Pods, the radio, CD’S, DVD players, GPS, makeup, shavers, not mention kids in the backseat. Is any of that more important than being safe? Pull over and stop if you really need ... read more

1 – The Most Overlooked RV System

What do you think is the most overlooked system in or on a Recreational Vehicle? If you said “the Roof” you would be correct. The most probable reason – out of sight out of mind. For the most part we are visual creatures. If we see it or hear it we respond accordingly. But if we have no interior questions we generally don’t pay attention. Besides the roof is way up “there” and one would need to be pretty nifty on a ladder just to see it.
So if you did manage to get on your RV roof would you know what to look for? My experience is, no. One in ten of our clients actually understand their roofing system and how to inspect it. That means 90% of RV owners don’t. Unfortunately for them, if no one inspects it for them, they are likely to have water leaks over time and possibly large problems later. If your roof is over 3 years old and has not been serviced, chances are it has some leaks. And believe me, you need a zero leak tolerance in an RV. You see RV roofs are not
... read more

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