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6 – How often should I wax my car and is there an easy way to do it?

Waxing your car should be done at least twice a year. If you are using a pure wax (versus an abrasive cleaner/wax) you can wax your car as often as you would like.

The easiest way to wax your car is to do it in sections. Always wash, rinse, and wax your car when the surface is cool. When waxing work in sections perhaps a quarter of the car at a time. Focus on the top surfaces since they get the most sun damage and never get a break from ultra violet radiation. With all of the U.V’s it is easy to understand why these surfaces become dull, chalky, and flaky before the rest of the finish.

So why do you say work in sections? Well this is for several reasons, first and foremost if you look at the task of waxing as several small jobs instead of one big job you are more likely to get it done. You don’t have to wax your entire car in one stop. Wax one section at a time until you slowly make your way around your vehicle. If you do this each time you wash your car and on a regular basis you will end up waxing your car completely twice a year or so. Another reason to wax in sections – it won’t wear you out as much. If you waxed your entire car in one session it will wear you out, and discourage you from doing it the next time.

The final reason – it takes a really long time to wax your car properly front to back, top to bottom. By all means go for it if you have the time and energy. With the way our lives are now days, most of us cant’ spend the hours it takes to get it all done at once.The important thing is that you do wax your paint.

Newer cars have sophisticated paint jobs that are very expensive to replace. You will be proud and your car and it will have more resale value if the paint has a showroom finish years after it leaves the dealership. Just take some time to care for your paint.

If you don’t’ have the time or the energy to wax it yourself our detail crew would be happy to do it for you. Give Sturken Auto and RV Repair a call today to schedule an appointment. It doesn’t get any easier then that!


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