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5 – Do I need to buy name brand gas?

Technically no. But, your engine and it’s components might be happier if you did. Quality fuel has better refinement than lesser refined fuel. Like wine, if you start off with better grapes you’ll end up with better wine. A higher grade of crude oil that has better refinement will end up as a better grade of fuel. (Regardless of octane ratings).

Refiners have a choice when producing fuel. Lower quality fuels have less refinement. Less refinement means undesirable compounds for your engine and fuel system.

Things like olefins and di-olefins any numbers of undesirable compounds are left in gasolines that are less refined. Your engine has to be able to rid itself of these or long term problems can arise.

Poor quality fuels can raise your vehicles emissions, lower fuel mileage cause stumbling, rough idle, clogs and deposits in places that wouldn’t have them. In short long term use of cheap fuel, will probably cause long term and costly repairs down the line.

So what should you do? By name brand fuel as often as you can. I’m not saying never buy cheap gas, but, if you do, do so in moderation. If you use quality fuels at least 50% of the time you’ll probably be okay. I say probably because there are dozens of variables that can change the outcome. Ultimately you need to pay attention to how your car runs, responds, and your fuel millage.

Regardless of what fuels you use it would still be a good idea to use a fuel system cleaner occasionally to make sure your fuel system and engine run at 100% efficiency all of the time. Do so and you won’t run into any breakdown issues because of a clogged or dirty fuel system.

Sturken Automotive can help your car truck or RV fuel system run at optimum levels, ALL of the time. Ask us about it the next time you’re in for preventative maintenance.


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