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34- Class C Motor Home Wheel Alignment

We have been doing a lot of wheel alignment work on Ford (www.ford.com) E-350 and 450 chassis. When our technicians are doing their inspections we are noticing that many of these coaches have feathered wear on the inside of the front tires. This happens because of how the load is distributed on the chassis. When Ford sends a chassis to the coach manufacturer the wheels are aligned. When the body of the coach is built, thousands of pounds of weight are added.Most of this weight ends up over the rear wheels.

When the coach enters service, the owners add fuel, water, accessories, personal gear and their families. This causes more weight to go to the rear of the vehicle. More weight in rear means less weight on the front axle. Because wheel alignment is
predicated on weight distribution, it is important that the alignment is done after all the weight has been added.

In reality, this is not taken into consideration. So in many cases a coach is out of alignment the day it enters service. Some RV manufacturers add additional springs or air bags (www.pacbrake.com) to balance things out but this is not always the case. Vehicles that are out of alignment won’t necessarily pull or drift to one side of the road. But, they will wear tires prematurely. This improper wear can be corrected thereby saving hundreds in unnecessary tire replacement costs.

Please give Sturken Auto and RV a call to have your wheel alignment inspected and tires checked for uneven wear.


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