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27- Hats Off To Valvoline

Recently, Valvoline Oil Company came out with a blend of partially remanufactured motor oil. They have been promoting it and have even used it in one of their NASCARS; and, sure enough, they’ve even won a race or two while using it.

So what is remanufactured motor oil and what’s the big deal?

Remanufactured oil is used motor oil that has been essentially re-refined and is every bit as good as virgin motor oil. Valvoline is the first major oil company to successfully market a re-refined oil product.

Even though the product named Nexgen, is a partial blend of virgin oil and remanufactured oil, it has been proven that we don’t need to rely on our ever decreasing petroleum supplies to get a highly regarded first rate motor oil. If every motor oil producer could make a similar product, the world could save millions of gallons of crude oil per year.

Sturken Automotive is proud to say that we have been using 100% re-refined motor oil for years. Why have we done this? Simply put, it is the right thing to do. The oil is rated every bit as good as 100% virgin oil. It does not cost any more than conventional motor oil of the same quality. And finally, it puts a little less stress on our reliance of external oil suppliers. Besides, Mother Earth could use a break.

Our hope is that all oil companies will follow suit and create their own Nexgen type of supplies. Hopefully, the marketplace will accept the products as over time the blends may increase substantially and the U.S. can significantly cut its reliance on foreign crude oil.

Sturken Auto is proud to use remanufactured motor oil from our local supplier Coast Oil Company. We enjoy pursuing environmental stewardship and are glad to do what we can for Mother Earth.

If you would like to learn more about minimizing your car’s impact on the earth, please look us up: Sturken Automotive for tips on what you can do. Or give us a call now to schedule an appointment for your car or truck so you to can minimize your impact on the environment.

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