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25- Why Should You Cover Your RV Tires?

Let’s face it; the tires on your RV sit more than they roll. Most of us can’t use our RV’s as much as we would like. We either can’t make the coordinated family effort, can’t afford it, or both. So, as a natural consequence, our beloved recreational vehicle tends to sit and in most cases, sit in the sun without any sunscreen.

What happens when things sit in the sun for long periods of time? They dry and crack, split, and generally age faster; just like the skin on our bodies if not protected.

The simple answer is to cover the tires to help slow down the aging process. Sun is an RV’s number one enemy; the less sun our tires see, the better off they are.

RV tires almost never wear out the treads; they wear out from time. If you are diligent in covering your tires and you begin with a quality tire to start with, then you might get five to seven years out of them.

It is possible to perhaps get even more time out of a tire, but it is rare. And if you think about it, it’s probably not a good idea. Jeopardizing your RV, your family’s safety, as well as everyone else’s around you is probably not a good idea.

So for safety’s sake, please have your tires inspected at least annually for signs of aging. Plan on budgeting for new tires at least every five years. The peace of mind is well worth the expense.

For a free RV tire inspection, please contact Sturken Auto Body and RV today.


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