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11 – What does car care aware mean?

Car care means a lot of things. For starters it means reading your owner’s manual so that you’re aware of what the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules are. It means paying close attention to how your car starts every day. How it runs when it’s cold. How it runs when it’s hot. Does it steer with a hesitation and go straight down the road? Do the brakes stop effortlessly and without noise or vibration?When you are outside of your car at night, do all the lights work? Are the headlamps aimed straight ahead? Do the headlamps reach as far down the road as they used to or are they faded and yellowed? Does your transmission shift smoothly and consistently? Do you have any occasional or constant warning lamps on your instrument panel? How about doors and locks? Do they open and close without any effort and not allow any wind or rain in as you drive? Is the air conditioning blowing as cold as it used to? Do you smell funny smells or do you have fluid leaks? Is the car clean and waxed regularly to assure the finish will last for years?

There are dozens of systems on today’s automobiles that need or will need attention at some point in your vehicle’s lifetime. Most folks don’t pay enough attention. (Which is why almost everyone needs a professional mechanic to inspect and maintain their car in a pro-active way.) If a regular and consistent plan is followed the chances of having a break down or catastrophic failure are minimized.

Today cars and trucks are very well built and they can last a long time if they are cared for. It would bode well for your wallet and your conscious, if you find a mechanical shop that your trusted. (The type of shop that would help you to stay a step ahead with regular preventative maintenance.) As the old doctors used to say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Do yourself and your car a favor. Let Sturken’s take care of all of your maintenance and you will have tremendous peace of mind. We will take care of your car or truck so you can focus on the other important things in your life. Knowing that your car is safe and reliable all of the time is a great feeling. Call Sturken’s today to get and keep complete automotive satisfaction.

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