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San Jose Ford Truck Service and Repair

If your Ford truck needs service or repair, welcome to Sturken Body, Auto and RV Repair. We are a full service auto, van and truck repair shop that can provide Ford F-150, F-250 and F350 maintenance, from minor oil service, to major diesel repairs.

We LOVE Ford Trucks!

Ford trucks are the workhorse of the small business, and we are here to keep your F-150 truck on the road. Our ASE certified mechanics can diagnose and fix any problems you truck may experience.

100% customer satisfaction is attainable!

The Ford F-150 has a well-deserved reputation for toughness. But like all vehicles, it requires regular maintenance to perform reliably. Whether you have one truck that needs to be available on a moment’s notice, or a small fleet, Sturken Auto Repair can keep you F series trucks and Ford vans on the road and in top condition.

At Sturken Automotive, we are specialists in maintenance and repair of Toyota Prius. You can bring your car to us knowing that all services will be performed to the highest quality standards, and that any work done by Sturken carries 24 month / 24,000 mile warranty.

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Ford trucks tend to be reliable. Though like all automobile manufacturers, Ford can have an “off” design. Some Fords with Triton engines have problems with spark plugs breaking off in the heads. This can cost thousands to repair. The good news is that Sturken’s knows how to fix them and often at a lower cost than other shops. But overall, considering the millions of Ford F150s on the road, it deservedly is considered the best truck in the U.S.

At Sturken Auto Repair, we have extensive experience working with Ford Vans and trucks. The next time your F series truck or Econoline van needs service,

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Usually our certified mechanics will get your truck or Ford Van checked out, serviced and back to you the same day. If extended repairs are needed, we will do everything we can to expedite your repairs and get you back on the road.

We primarily serve Ford truck owners in San Jose, Morgan Hill, Milpitas, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Gilroy and Los Gatos. But we are happy to serve you no matter where in the Bay Area you live.